Dumped! Corrie’s Colson Smith reveals how Craig copes with his split from Caitlin

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Caitlin tells Craig she’s moving on and moving away in Coronation Street. Colson Smith tells Soaplife how Craig deals with being dumped...

Craig doesn’t see this coming, does he?

“He’s been ignoring any bad signs. He’s been treating Caitlin [Eve Gordon] right, is very attentive and he tries his hardest to make her feel special. He thinks he’s being the perfect boyfriend and he can’t do more than he already is.”

He finds out different, though, when he takes Caitlin to the bistro, right?

“Caitlin is fiddling with her phone and she won’t engage in conversation. Then she tries to let him know she wants out without actually saying so. Poor Craig just doesn’t see the signs and, in the end, she has to spell it out for him.”


“She tells him she’s moving to Dundee to go to art school. But even then, he still thinks they have a future. He decides he’s going to move to Dundee, too, and find a job there. He’ll do anything to make it work with Caitlin. He tells her they’ll get a flat together and they’ll live happily ever after. He’s totally unaware about what’s going to happen.”

What does happen?

“Caitlin tells him bluntly it’s the end of the road for them. Craig’s heart slowly starts to break from then onwards.”

Have you enjoyed your first on-screen relationship?

“It’s been great. Before Craig had his girlfriend, the public’s view was he’s sweet and he’d do anything for anyone. But with Caitlin you see different sides to Craig… his art and his spray painting, for example. Characters need turning points and Craig being dumped will make him realise there’s more out there to explore.”

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