Kylie fears a haunted Sarah will reveal their killer secret in Corrie

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Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) may have delivered the killer blow that saved sister-in-law Sarah (Tina O'Brien) from Callum Logan in Coronation Street, but Sarah's the one who's struggling most with the fact her drug-dealer boyfriend is secretly buried beneath mum Gail's annexe.

It's no wonder, either, with guilt-ridden Sarah having since given birth to Callum's son, Harry. She confides in Kylie that she can't bear to be in the same house as Callum's body and later pretends Harry's ill just to get away from Gail's party to welcome daughter-in-law-to-be Carla Connor into the Platt family.

So what makes Sarah choose to enter Gail's annexe alone with baby Harry? And is her strange behaviour a sign that she's reached the end of her tether?


After Sarah rushes to the hospital with Harry, a concerned Kylie catches up with her…


(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)


Kylie fears Sarah's frantic actions could make people suspicious and ultimately lead to Callum's body being discovered.


(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)


Kylie's own suspicions are confirmed when she learns there's nothing wrong with Harry and she gives Sarah a piece of her mind.


(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)


Later, alone with Harry in the annexe, will Sarah do something that lands them all in trouble?

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