‘Kylie thinks saving Callum's baby is a life for a death,’ says Corrie's Paula Lane

When Kylie tries to convince Sarah to keep Callum’s baby in Coronation Street, her marriage goes into meltdown, Paula Lane explains to Soaplife...

What does David say when he finds out Sarah’s carrying Callum’s baby?

“It’s Sarah [Tina O’Brien] who tells him and he’s not very happy at all. He’s also furious that Kylie knew, but kept it from him. Kylie suspected he’d react badly – and he does.”

Do the rest of the family find out?

“Bethany [Lucy Fallon] finds out because she hears David and Kylie talking in the back of the salon. Then Gail [Helen Worth] and Audrey [Sue Nicholls] find out. They’re shocked, but manage to get their heads around it and just get on with it. I think Gail’s pleased that Callum’s nowhere to be seen.”

Is it Kylie’s support of Sarah that causes problems with David?

“Certain wounds have not long healed and so the slightest hitch breaks them open again. David [Jack P Shepherd] just wants it to be him, Kylie and the kids on their own, so they can forget about what happened. But Sarah’s baby will be a constant reminder of Callum. He can’t work out why Kylie’s showing support for Sarah in this way. He didn’t realise she had that in her. Although Kylie was shocked to discover Sarah’s pregnancy, Max [Harry McDermott] is proof that a child of Callum’s can be lovely – she also feels saving this baby is like a life for a death and that maybe this is their chance for something good, something positive, to come out of Callum’s death.”

What happens next?

“David leaves. He basically says to Kylie, ‘That’s it! We’re done!’. He says that although he still loves her, he can no longer trust her. Kylie’s shocked and upset. She just wants them to be a family at peace again. She never imagined David would leave over this.”

Does David’s reaction scare Kylie?

“Yeah, it does. Obviously she’s aware that he has a past and that he can be very unpredictable. It’s frightening because she doesn’t know what he might do next.”

Could this permanently damage their marriage?

“Yes. There’s potential there to do a lot of damage. Kylie just wants to move on and have a nice family Christmas – but it looks very doubtful that will happen now.”

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