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Sarah Platt attacks Ryan Connor in Coronation Street reveals Tina O'Brien!

Sarah Platt, Ryan Connor, Coronation Street
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Sarah Platt sees red and hits out when she thinks Ryan has forced himself on her daughter Bethany, says Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien…

Considering what Bethany Platt’s been through, you can’t blame her mum, Sarah Platt, for being over-protective…

What's the story?

“When Sarah sees her daughter in hysterics running out of Victoria Court with her blouse undone after dating Ryan Connor, she is convinced he’s abused Bethany,” actress Tina O’ Brien tells Soaplife. Sarah confronts Ryan, but the consequences are something she can never have imagined…

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Tina O'Brien's interview with Soaplife about Sarah Platt lashing out at Ryan Connor when she fears he has abused her daughter Bethany…

Soaplife: Why doesn’t Sarah speak to Bethany before she confronts Ryan?

TO’B: “She doesn’t get the chance. Sarah sees Ryan coming out of the flat with no top on and Bethany running off. Sarah hadn’t known about the date, although she’s been worried about Ryan as a possible boyfriend for Bethany. She thinks he’s a loser and he’s quite a bit older than Bethany.”


Bethany Platt, Ryan Connor, Coronation Street

S: What does Sarah think has happened?

TO’B: “She jumps to the obvious conclusion that Ryan tried to force himself on Bethany. She goes to the flat and confronts him about what she saw. He’s confused by it all, but Sarah sees red when he calls Bethany a tease. She slaps him and she shoves him with the result that he stumbles and hits his head – quite badly as she later discovers. But she doesn’t know that at the time as she leaves as soon as she’s slapped him.”

S: Where does Bethany go?

TO’B: “To Craig Tinker’s. She tells Craig she had a panic attack when Ryan kissed her and, later, she tells her mum this. Sarah feels really guilty for over reacting the way she did, but she has no idea her actions have had such serious consequences.”

Ryan Connor played by Ryan Prescott

S: How does she find out about how badly injured Ryan is?

TO’B: “The first she knows about it is when Ryan’s brought out of Victoria Court on a stretcher. Craig assumes Bethany must have hit him, but she insists she didn’t. Sarah can’t understand how her slapping him could have resulted in serious injuries.”

S: Sarah follows Ryan to hospital. What happens when she gets there?

TO’B: “She’s surprised because Ryan shows no sign of remembering anything. Sarah can’t pretend that nothing happened, so she tells him what she did and she apologises.”

S: Does he accept her apology?

TO’B: “His reaction shocks her. It’s not what she expected at all. It’s a real game changer for Sarah. She has a big decision to make.”

S: So, more trouble for Sarah? And just when things seemed to be on a more even keel!

TO'B: “I know. It’s been a tough few months. Until this thing with Ryan, life was becoming more settled. But now she has a whole new problem to worry about…”

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