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Ex-EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison: ‘I’d like Heather Trott to come back as her twin sister!’

Ex-EastEnders star Cheryl Fergison: ‘I’d like Heather Trott to come back as her twin sister!’
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Former EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison on her new musical, tackling the menopause, and why she’d love a return to Albert Square.

Albert Square’s Shirley Carter is the only one missing her late great mate Heather Trott! Actress Cheryl Fergison took time out from her new stage role in Menopause the Musical to tell Soaplife more…

Cheryl Fergison’s interview with Soaplife

S: How do you look back on your time playing Heather Trott in EastEnders?

Cheryl Fergison: “I loved it. It was a brilliant time of my life and I’m still great mates with loads of the people there. It’s a shame Heather had to go. I’d like her to come back as her twin sister!”

Soaplife: Tell us about Menopause the Musical!

CF: “We’re touring till May and I’m playing a character called Earth Mother, who meets three other women she has nothing in common with – besides the fact they’re all going through the menopause. They bond over buying bras!”

S: It sounds very funny!

CF: “It is. It’s a really funny, feel-good show about something that is obviously a serious subject. Plus, the music’s great. Menopause the Musical entertains with 23 songs, such as I Will Survive, but they’re re-written with comedy lyrics.”

S: Can women of all ages identify with it?

CF: “I’ll say. If you’ve yet to go through the menopause, you’ll be like, ‘Ha, ha! So that’s what I’ve got to look forward to!’ If you’re going through it now, you’ll be able to the think, ‘Yes. That’s me!’ And if you’ve come out the other side, you’ll think, ‘Oh yeah! I remember that!’ I think it’s very important to get out there and talk about the effect menopause has on women’s lives. And it’s the best girls’ night out, too.”

S: Should men come and see it, as well?

CF: “Yes! They should! If they come and see the show, it may help them understand why the women in their lives may want to hit them with a Tonka toy at times!”

S: This is your third-time touring with the show, isn’t it?

CF: “Yes, and for me, personally, the timing couldn’t be better. I’m delighted, in fact. I’m going through the menopause myself at the moment. This show tells you it’s OK to talk about the subject. Until you’re actually going through it, you have no idea it’s such a big thing. It’s a show that simply had to be made.”

S: Are you suffering yourself?

CF: “Ha-ha! I’m suddenly sprouting a moustache. It’s like I could do Movember except it’s March! I’ve never been one for creams, but I’m looking at them now and thinking, ‘Is this going to take my beard off?’”

S: Does it make you feel more emotional?

CF: “Yes – and I love the fact Menopause the Musical reminds us of that. I’m not usually an emotional person, but now I’m tearing up all the time, over nothing at all.”


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Main pic: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

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