EastEnders: Charlie Slater will follow Kat and Alfie back to Walford for an unhappy reunion

(Image credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images)

Following on the from the news that Kat and Alfie Moon (Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie) will be returning briefly to Albert Square this Christmas, we can now reveal that Kat’s dad, Charlie Slater (Derek Martin), will turn up in the Square in the New Year.

So, a happy family Christmas/New Year for the Slaters/Moons, yes?

Not a chance.

“Charlie’s return is set to be dramatic as Kat and her father have always had a turbulent relationship,” says EastEnders.

“His return [after a two-year absence] is part of the storyline that sets the scene for the new BBC One drama next year, which will see Kat and Alfie head off to Ireland to search for answers to some very big questions…”

And Kat’s going to have a massive question: where’s my son?

Kat was raped by her uncle Harry and gave birth to twins: Zoe (Michelle Ryan), who was adopted by her father, Charlie and mum Viv - and a son Kat doesn’t know about…yet.

She soon will. And then she’s going to want to know why Charlie never told her about him.

It doesn’t sound like a very happy New Year for Charlie…

EastEnders continues on BBC1, Monday, October 19, 8.00pm.