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EastEnders: Dean's in the dock, but will he plead guilty?

Rapist Dean Wicks has been safely locked up after being arrested at Mick and Linda's wedding in the New Year's Day episodes of EastEnders.

Shortly before being led away in handcuffs, Dean almost drowned in the lake at the posh venue, but was saved by his brother Mick, who was determined to see his hated sibling face his crimes – and get his comeuppance for raping Linda and attempting to rape Roxy Mitchell.

Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) may have saved his brother’s life during the family brawl, but Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) will now have to face the full extent of the law as he goes on trial for his crime.

But with his hearing approaching, new images show his desperate mum Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) visiting Dean in prison, begging him to do the right thing and plead guilty.

Shirley and Dean

Shirley and Dean (BBC)

On the day of his hearing, Shirley arrives in court to see her troubled son in the dock – but will he plead guilty or not guilty?

Shirley and Dean in court

Shirley and Dean in court (BBC)

You can see Shirley and Dean come face to face again in EastEnders on 1 February.