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EastEnders' Ellen Thomas to appear in BBC1 crime drama New Blood

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

When BBC1’s new crime drama New Blood gets underway this summer look out for Ellen Thomas, who played Claudette Hubbard in EastEnders and left the soap temporarily earlier this year.

Ellen will guest-star in New Blood as Mrs Phillips, the head teacher at a London secondary school which is visited by two cops (Mark Addy and Ben Tavassoli) as they investigate a suspicious death. The tense seven-part series, written by Anthony Horowitz, will debut on BBC iPlayer before it’s shown on BBC1 and also stars Anna Chancellor and Mark Strepan.

Ellen’s EastEnders character Claudette left Walford under a cloud in March after her son Vincent (Richard Blackwood) tried to kill her when he found out she’d murdered his dad back in the 1980s by pushing him off a balcony. Then Vincent told her to pack her bags and leave Walford and we've not seen her since.

But Claudette will be back, apparently in a fiery return featuring a showdown with Peggy Mitchell. The Daily Star tweeted the news last week:

Claudette Hubbard makes fiery return in showdown with Peggy Mitchell

— Daily Star (@Daily_Star) 15 April 2016