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Claudette attacks Gavin!

It's Mother's Day and Claudette arranges a family lunch to get everyone out of the house so she can meet with Gavin. When Gavin arrives, demanding his blackmail money, Claudette suggests she pay him another way, leading him upstairs... Despite Claudette's efforts, Gavin is still after his cash. An angry confrontation pushes Claudette over the edge and she smashes Gavin over the head with a candelabra!

Mick arranges a surprise Mother's Day lunch for Linda. When Lee confesses to Mick he's not enjoying his new job at The Rat, Mick suggests he return to The Vic. After sorting out Lee, Mick works on Nancy, who won't come to the lunch because of her feud with her brother. Showing Nancy a box of memories that Linda's collected through the years, Mick persuades Nancy to join them. Things soon break down at the lunch after Nancy finds out Lee has quit his job at The Rat. The siblings have a violent row, leading to Ollie being knocked over in his high chair...

Jordan receives a suspicious phone call. After stealing Les's car, Jordan returns to the Square where he's confronted by Libby. Coming clean to Denise about his plan, Jordan reveals that Lucas is escaping from prison and he wants them to go abroad with him!