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EastEnders fans can't get enough of THIS complete change in Stuart Highway

It's the night before Stuart and Rainie's wedding in EastEnders

Viewers have been bamboozled by the change in Stuart Highway...

EastEnders fans have been reminiscing about the time when Stuart Highway was the most hated man in soapland after tonight's moving scene between him, Tiffany and Keegan.

Viewers already know that Stuart and his wife Rainie had asked Tiffany (Maisie Smith) to be their surrogate after their dreams of being parents were shattered by fertility issues.

Tiffany and Keegan EastEnders

Tiffany and Keegan were worried about how to break the news they'd changed their mind about the surrogacy (Picture: BBC)

At first Tiffany took little persuasion, probably because the pair had offered her £10,000 to carry their child... a huge amount of money that could set her and husband Keegan up for the foreseeable.

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However, when Jack Branning caught wind of the deal, he pointed out that it is illegal to pay someone to be their surrogate for them, and that all Tiff could expect in return was expenses.

The news shook Tiffany and Keegan to the core and they decided that perhaps they were helping Rainie and Stuart for all the wrong reasons.

Stuart EastEnders

Rainie and Stuart would love to be parents one day (Picture: BBC)

A change of heart 

But breaking the news to the couple was easier said than done, especially because they knew that it would break Rainie's heart.

However, it turns out that Stuart predicted what they were going to say before they even had to utter a word tonight, and he was surprisingly okay with the fact they were backing out of the surrogacy deal.

Instead of getting upset, Stuart told the pair that he understood and didn't want to put pressure on their relationship.

Tiffany and Keegan EastEnders

Stuart realised what Tiff and Keegan were about to say (Picture: BBC)

He also admitted that if he had found Rainie when he was younger like they are, then he might have got on the straight and narrow a long time ago.

Fans were loving Stuart's little monologue about what is important in life, and couldn't help casting their minds back a few years ago when Stuart's reign of terror in Walford had the Slaters terrified.

Stuart EastEnders

Fans are loving the softer side to Stuart (Picture: BBC)

Fans took to social media to share their shock at the change in the character...

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Ricky Champ, who plays now-loveable Stuart was thrilled by the reaction from fans after the episode aired and also took to Twitter to thank everyone...

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So with Rainie and Stuart back to square one with their baby plans, where will they turn now?

Can they find someone else to be their surrogate?

Or will this latest bombshell leave Rainie reeling?

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