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EastEnders: Kat's blamed for Charlie's death

Although Charlie Slater moved out of Albert Square in 2011, he's popped back now and then to see the members of his family who still live there. But this week, he makes his final visit back to Walford when he has a fatal cardiac arrest in an episode of EastEnders which is set to air on Thursday (7 January).

Charlie Slater suffers a heart attack

Charlie Slater suffers a heart attack (BBC)

Poor Charlie will have a fatal heart attack during a visit to Albert Square as dramatic news and family drama proves too much for him to handle.

His daughter Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) is left stunned and angry as Sister Ruth (June Whitfield) appears and reveals a big secret: Kat actually gave birth to twins 30 years ago, and has an unknown son alongside daughter Zoe.

Sister Ruth gives Kat the news

Sister Ruth gives Kat the news (BBC)

Even worse, Mo knew all along – and didn’t tell her.

As the pair argue, Charlie – who had no idea about the secret – suddenly suffers a heart attack. In his emotional final moments, he begs Kat for forgiveness for past mistakes.

Kat is overwhelmed and goes to wait for the paramedics, who arrive and pronounce him dead. 

Devastated by the death of Charlie, played by Derek Martin, the Slater family will turn on each other . 

In the aftermath, as Kat, Mo and Alfie try to come to terms with his death, Belinda turns up and angrily blames her sister Kat for killing their father. 

Belinda blames Kat for the death of Charlie

Belinda blames Kat for the death of Charlie (BBC)

The Slaters first appeared in EastEnders in 2000, with sisters Kat, Lynne and 'Little' Mo, dad Charlie, nan Mo Harris, Lynne's husband Garry, and Kat's daughter Zoe, who had been brought up to believe she was the sisters' youngest sibling, all moving onto the Square. Belinda, who was married to a rich husband called Neville, lived in Kent, and first cropped up in 2001 when she was having marriage problems. She's made a few appearance since then, and had flings with Jamie Mitchell and brother-in-law Garry. 

Belinda was previously played by Leanne Lakey, but is now played by Carli Norris, who's had roles in Hollyoaks and Doctors.

A show insider told the Mirror: “Charlie’s death is going to hit Kat hard.

“His storyline will be the catalyst for her to learn more secrets which will see her and Alfie (Shane Richie) eventually head to Ireland.”

This episode will air on Monday, 11 January at 8pm on BBC1.