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Will Ruby Allen get JUSTICE tonight in EastEnders as the rape trial verdict is announced?

EastEnders Jay Mitchell, Stacey Fowler and Ruby Allen
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

The jury reach a verdict quicker than Ruby Allen expected - but will it be good news?

One of the biggest plots in recent EastEnders history will come to a head tonight when Ruby Allen learns at last if she’s got justice.

Ruby (Louisa Lytton) looks nervous and apprehensive as she watches her rapists, Matt and Ross, stand up in court to hear whether they’ve been found guilty or not.

EastEnders Matt Clarkson

In Thursday's EastEnders, Matt was seen breaking down during the case - what did the jury think of that moment?

The jury have clearly reached a decision quicker than people thought likely as Ruby discovers the verdict is coming sooner than she suspected. She quickly fires off a message to Stacey to make sure her friend is with her for moral support. Also in court are Martin and Jay.

But does the speed at which the jury has reached a decision mean they’ve gone for a guilty verdict? And how will Ruby cope if she doesn’t get justice for the devastating attack on her?

EastEnders Ruby Allen

Ruby took the stand during the trial

Surely, if they are found guilty, Matt and Ross can expect a very long sentence.

Meanwhile, Sharon is filled with jealously when she finds Keanu and Louise getting up close and personal on the sofa. Can she hide her jealously from Phil? Or will he work out what’s going on?

Elsewhere, Billy is thrilled to have Lola and Lexi back. He enjoys a chat with Lola, however, she’s feeling guilty about something - but what?

Also, Jean - played by Gillan Wright, who’s spoken about how “upsetting” Jean’s cancer story has been to film - heads for her first round of chemotherapy. Keen to offer their support, Stacey and Shirley come along as well.

Please note EastEnders is on at the slightly later than normal time of 8.30pm this evening.