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Police stop and search EastEnders' Carl

EastEnders' bad boy Carl White will face the long arm of the law, when he is stopped and searched by the police next week.

The Walford newcomer, played by Daniel Coonan, will be stopped as he sits outside the B&B reminiscing about the past with ex-girlfriend Kirsty Branning (Kierston Wareing).

Their chat comes after he had a huge row with Kirsty's ex-husband Max (Jake Wood), but the police show up after receiving a tip-off that he is dealing drugs. The two cops then publicly search him, as his ex looks on.

"But who was behind the phone call and will the police find any evidence on him?" an EastEnders spokeswoman teased.

Meanwhile, Carl's brother Adam will make an unexpected visit to Walford, where he blackmails Kirsty.

The episode will be shown on EastEnders on August 15.