EastEnders’ Shona McGarty: 'Whitney wants to give her baby the life she never had!'

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Whitney Dean’s pregnancy in EastEnders causes a major headache for Lee Carter

Delighted Whitney Dean tells Lee Carter she’s pregnant. But will his one-night stand with Abi Branning, or his mental health issues, cause problems?

Soaplife talks to EastEnders’ Shona McGarty about what’s to come…

Whitney Dean is now an established part of the Carter clan after she and Lee Carter [Danny-Boy Hatchard] got engaged. And it looks like she’s about to start a family of her own, too, when she learns she’s pregnant with Lee’s baby.

How does Whitney feel? “She’s so excited about the baby. It’s what she’s always wanted. She wants to give her baby a life she never had.”

So why doesn’t she tell Lee immediately? “She’s worried he may not be ready, but that won’t change her mind. She’d still have the baby regardless.”

What worries her, exactly? “A while ago, Lee kept drinking and he closed himself off from Whitney. There’s always a little bit of fear that that will come back. But since he opened up about his depression there’s been a lot more trust between them.”

Lee’s mum Linda and Whitney have had a turbulent past, too. Is their relationship is a bit stronger now? “Yeah, definitely. Linda [Kellie Bright] just needed to hear from Whitney why she kissed Mick [Danny Dyer]. Whitney’s just damaged and Linda sees a little bit of herself in Whitney. When Linda finds out Whitney’s pregnant, she’s over the moon!”

How does Lee react? “He doesn’t have time to react when he finally finds out because Linda and Mick hear everything and go straight in there for a selfie!”

And afterwards? “Whitney thinks Lee is really excited and he’s just a bit shocked, then they start buying baby books and things. It’s all happy families.”

What would Whitney do if she found out about Lee’s night with Abi? “I dread to think!”

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