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Tina cheats on Sonia in EastEnders

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Sonia and Tina's relationship in EastEnders has been on shaky ground this year. Cracks first appeared when Sonia helped her ex-husband Martin look after baby Arthur while Stacey was in hospital – leaving her with little time to spend with her lover.

Tina is further put out when Sonia decides to take Bex to the Pride of Walford awards, and a fresh row between the lovebirds leads to Tina kissing Soph…


(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)


Earlier, Kyle is preparing food for the Pride of Walford awards when Soph, his best pal, turns up.


(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)


With Ian short-staffed, but desperate to make the night a success, Soph offers to help out...


(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)


Later, tipsy Tina's well-meant speech during the awards ceremony backfires and upsets Sonia, and it's left to Soph to try to comfort Tina.


(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)


But one thing leads to another and the pair find themselves sharing a steamy kiss! How will Sonia react if she finds out about Tina's betrayal?

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