10 Years Ago This Week In The Soaps...

We take a walk down soap memory lane to see what was happening in Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks a decade ago this week...

Prepare to be surprised and amazed at the passage of time when you revisit these storylines in your favourite soaps from this week in 2006...



Danny Baldwin (pictured above) was arrested and questioned about conspiracy to commit theft over Mike Baldwin’s will. Sarah Platt and Jason Grimshaw (pictured below) held a joint hen and stag night at the Rovers as they prepared to tie the knot.

CS Hen Do



Fearsome matriarch Pauline Fowler (pictured) was determined to stop Sonia Jackson seeing her estranged daughter, Rebecca, and pressured her son, Martin, into keeping them apart.

EE Pauline

Sonia, who was heterosexual back then, dumped boyfriend Gus Smith, too. Bradley Branning also showed a mean streak to land a new job by ensuring a workplace rival and bully was sacked.



Cain Dingle was devastated when Jasmine Thomas aborted his baby. There was more Dingle drama when Alice’s funeral was stopped and Sam was accused of assisting his ill wife to die. The Dingles (pictured above) barricaded themselves in Wishing Well Cottage to defy the police, and Cain (pictured below) eventually took the rap for assisting Alice’s suicide to save a guilty Sam.




Sasha, Sonny and Calvin Valentine tried to get back to normal as they prepared for the reading of their mother Diane’s will. But there was a shock in store when their estranged dad, Leo, suddenly turned up out of the blue. There was trauma for Frankie Osborne (pictured above), too, when she lost her baby following an operation.