A drunk Lawrence points a gun at Ronnie in Emmerdale!

The ex-lovers have a fiery clash in Emmerdale when Lawrence goes berserk and gets out a shotgun!

Lawrence is a man on the brink of a breakdown when he threatens his former lover Ronnie with a shotgun....

Earier in the week, there's panic when Lawrence suddenly collapses in the cafe. Ronnie and Brenda leap up to try and help him

Andy's worried to see him in such a state. He offers to drive him home, but Lawrence insists he's ok and confides in Andy that he's had a bad reaction to the erectile dysfunction medication he's taken.

Andy reacts sensitively but Lawrence is outraged when Andy mistakenly assumes he was on the medication for Ronnie's benefit!

Lawrence later recovers but Bernice has had enough of her husband pretending he's not gay. She engineers a situation for Ronnie to meet Lawrence alone in a hotel room.

However Lawrence is fuming when he opens the door to his room to see Ronnie on the other side. Ronnie insists they talk about their feelings for one another but Lawrence is having none of it and in a fit of rage throws a bottle at his former lover!

The next day Lawrence is devastated to discover Bernice has left him and jetted off. Meanwhile Chrissie finds a letter Bernice has written and confronts Ronnie once again, certain that he is her real father. However she's in for a shock when Ronnie makes a confession she definitely wasn't expecting!

Ronnie is shocked when Lawrence warns him off with a gun!

Ronnie's alarmed when Lawrence takes aim at his van and shatters the windscreen with a reckless shot.

Despite Chrissie insisting no-one minds if he's gay, it's clear Lawrence is in turmoil as he slumps to the ground, tormented by all the speculation surrounding him.

Aaron appears and pleads with Lawrence to do the right thing and hand over the gun.

However Lawrence puts up a fight and the two men grapple over the weapon.

Having reluctantly handed over the gun, the two men go inside the house. Aaron gently tells Lawrence he should just accept who he is. Will Lawrence take his words on board and open up about his feelings for Ronnie, or will he continue to be a pent-up, ticking time bomb? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday, July 11.