Bernice finds out the truth about Lawrence in Emmerdale, gets drunk and gets revenge!

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Emmerdale’s Bernice discovers that Ronnie the plumber is actually Lawrence’s former lover… Samantha Giles tells Soaplife the whole story...

Bernice is not happy with what she finds out, is she?

“She is furious. Lawrence has been fobbing her off and he totally led her up the wrong path. People have made a fool of Bernice and we all know she can be lethal when she’s had a few drinks.”

How does Bernice find out about Ronnie and Lawrence?

“Lisa [Jane Cox] makes a pass at Ronnie [John McArdle], who suggests he isn’t into women. Lisa jokes about it with Bernice and suddenly everything makes sense: this is why Ronnie wants to be around; it’s nothing to do with Chrissie [Louise Marwood] and him being her biological father.”

What happens when she sees Lawrence burning Ronnie’s old love letters?

“She doesn’t know what he’s doing. She just thinks he’s getting rid of old stuff. That happens before Lisa breaks the news about Ronnie being gay. Eventually, it all slots into place and Bernice has a showdown with Lawrence [John Bowe].”

What happens?

“Well, he wants them to go to Dubai to deflect all of this, but Bernice tells him he’ll have to go on his own.”

Does she find out the truth about his sexuality?

“No. He’s explained the relationship he was put in prison for was like an experiment. It doesn’t mean anything and it certainly doesn’t mean he’s gay. He also explains he was happily married before his wife died. But it’s difficult to know what the truth is. I don’t think even we as actors know what Lawrence’s feelings really are. It’s been left quite open.”

(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Bernice is drunk and driving a digger – and she's really mad at Lawrence!


What does she tell Nicola?

“Nicola [Nicola Wheeler] can see she’s upset, so Bernice tells her Lawrence has been having an affair with another woman. She can’t bear to tell the truth.”

How does Nicola react?

“She says Bernice can’t let Lawrence get away with it. She urges her to get revenge, which is ill-timed, as Bernice has already poured herself a very large gin and tonic.”

And then gets hold of a bottle of wine… And then gets hold of keys to a digger, right?

“Yes. She’s furious and drunk. She hates the fact people have made a fool of her and she wants revenge. Bernice is one of those people who does the things others wouldn’t dare!”

Can her marriage survive this?

“They should either decide to stay together and have an open marriage, like Lawrence suggested, or she should leave him. They’re never going to be able to have a conventional relationship. She must accept that it’s for show and convenience and they should go off and live their separate lives. It’s complicated, though, as they do actually love each other.”

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