Debbie and Pete say ‘I do’, then tragedy strikes Emmerdale, reveals Anthony Quinlan

Emmerdale’s wedding of the year for Debbie and Pete is going to be destroyed - and not by jealous Ross, Anthony Quinlan tells Soaplife.

Emmerdale doesn’t do happy-ever-after - and Debbie and Pete’s wedding day is set to end in one of the biggest catastrophes they’ve seen in the Dales.

“It’s the biggest thing the show has ever done,” says Anthony. “It’s intense and lives are put in danger.”

How does Pete feel on the day of the wedding?

“He’s nervous and he has a little glass of whisky to calm his nerves. He scrubs up quiet nicely, too, which is just as well as Pete does wear some dodgy clobber.”

How does everything look?

“Pete’s blown away. The village looks unbelievable with the fun fair that Pete has arranged. And Debbie [Charley Webb] looks stunning. Pete had an idea of how it would all look, but it surpasses his expectations.”

What was it like getting married for the cameras?

“It’s my second soap wedding because Gilly [his character in Hollyoaks] tied the knot, too. It is a bit strange, though, standing there with all eyes on you.”

They’re a stunning couple. Will they have any lovely kids?

“Blooming heck! I’m already looking after three, don’t give me any more!”

What can you tell us about this impending disaster?

“It’s massive and it was really intense to film. It was a complete honour to be part of it. All I can say is there’s a lot of commotion going on and a lot of dust. It’s going to be an emotional roller-coaster for Pete and it’s definitely not one to miss.”

Emmerdale, ITV.