Emmerdale’s Duncan Preston on Doug Potts’ ‘catastrophic’ mistake

Doug with Diane and Gerry

Emmerdale star Duncan Preston reveals that Doug Potts makes a dangerous decision at the B&B that could put lives in danger.

Emmerdale actor Duncan Preston has talked to Soaplife about his character Doug Potts latest storyline, which could spell terrible disaster in the village.

What’s the story?

When a crack appears above the door at the B&B, the ever-helpful Doug Potts decides to patch it up himself. "They do get a quote, but it’s expensive,” reveals actor Duncan Preston. “So Doug rolls up his sleeves but, with the best will in the world, he is not a builder…”

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Duncan Preston’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: What is the problem?

Duncan Preston: “Well, Doug thinks it is something that can be sorted with a bit of Polyfilla, but in truth, plaster is coming away from the lintel, which is cracked. Now, the lintel is supporting the weight of the wall above the door, so structurally, this isn’t something Doug should be messing with. Any builder worth their salt would know that, but Doug blunders on blindly not realising the danger he is putting himself and everyone else in.”

S: What happens when he tries to fix it?

DP: “Let’s just say that his work has catastrophic consequences. This is something he is likely to live to regret.”

S: How are things between Doug and his partner – and B&B co-owner – Diane Sugden prior to this?

DP: “Well, things are a bit strained between them because he feels that she doesn’t love him in the same way that she did Jack Sugden. I would say they are tolerating each other at the moment. That is tough for him because he wants more – he loves her.”

S: Would he like to marry Diane?

DP: “Absolutely! That would be the perfect scenario as far as he is concerned. She has got to want to do it, too, though. He’d hate it if she married him because it’s what Doug wants.”

S: What’s it like for him working at the B&B with her?

DP: “They are not the dream team he’d hoped they would be. He’s too busy worrying about himself and doesn’t consider others enough.”

S: And his daughter Laurel Thomas is a worry…

DP: “Yes. She had a drink problem, and this whole affair with Bob Hope is a big drama. Now that the truth of that has come out, Laurel feels that the whole village is against her. It’s difficult for Doug to see her in that predicament. He wants her to be happy.”

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