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Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley: Robert Sugden is stunned by Lachlan’s confession that he didn’t kill Rebecca

Robert Sugden faces Lachlan in prison

Ryan reveals Robert is also shocked to learn he could have been one of the killer's victims

Emmerdale star Ryan Hawley has revealed that Robert Sugden feels shocked when he visits Lachlan White in prison next week and discovers he didn’t kill Rebecca White.

Robert has been on a one-man mission to find Rebecca and he suffers a range of emotions when Lachlan reveals she’s alive.

“Robert feels shocked initially [when he discovers Lachlan was behind Rebecca’s disappearance] and then guilty. He feels he should have noticed something wasn’t right and that Liv had tried to warn him that Lachlan was dodgy."

Rebecca is alarmed when the nurse comes towards her with a syringe.

Terrified: Rebecca is approached by an unknown nurse

The 32-year-old star also reveals that Robert feels “foolish” when Lachlan reveals to him how close he came to becoming one of the killer’s victims.

“He feels stupid [he didn’t listen to Liv] but also disgusted by the lengths that Lachlan would go to.”

Lachlan gives Robert - who'll soon be seen at last getting married to Aaron - an address for where to find Rebecca, but he gets more shocks when he arrives.

“He speeds there and gets there as quick as he can,” explains Ryan. “He finds the room and it’s locked – so he forces his way inside. And it’s a very strange set up, very clinical almost, and there’s blood. He feels awful and I guess is in a state of shock at what he’s looking at.

“He thinks at that moment that she’s dead. He thinks he’s got there too late or that Lachlan has toyed with him.”

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Lachlan tells Robert Sugden he was almost one of his victims

And Ryan says Robert’s not convinced when Lachlan later insists he left Rebecca with a nurse.

Although Lachlan might be the one in prison, Ryan says the killer holds all the cards.

“Lachlan has complete control of the situation because Robert needs his help," he says, adding: “And in fact Lachlan enjoys toying with Robert and, I guess, getting his own back for all the wrong doing Robert has caused to his family.”

Emmerdale, featuring Robert Sugden, continues on ITV.