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Emmerdale's Anthony Quinlan doesn't think Debbie will end up with either Barton brother (VIDEO)

After the dust settles on tomorrow's Emmerdale disaster, actor Anthony Quinlan (Pete Barton) doesn't think his fiancee Debbie will finish up with either him or brother Ross.

The helicopter disaster occurs immediately after Pete suddenly finds out his new wife has been having a torrid affair with Ross (Mike Parr), a betrayal Anthony describes as 'horrendous'.

Anthony told What's on TV: "I don't think, in my opinion, that either brother will be right for Debbie. If she wanted to be with Pete she would have stayed with Pete, she wouldn't have strayed with Ross. Initially it was a bit of a game for Ross, he wanted to get one over his brother, it was a bit of lust, then his feelings became apparent and he [fell] in love with Debbie."

Anthony said he could understand her desire for excitement, but doubted Pete would ever be able to forgive her.

He's hoping for a big reaction to the wedding and consequent disaster. "I'm hoping for the best possible feedback from the audience because the amount of hard work put in by the cast and crew... It was quite a gruelling 4-5 weeks which was unusual because we usually film episodes over two, two and half weeks, but with all the stunts and everything going on in it we needed longer so it was tense, but it was good."

Watch Emmerdale's Anthony Quinlan (above) talk about the wedding, the stunts and a wardrobe malfunction which left him exposed to the whole cast and crew!"]