Emmerdale’s John Bowe: Lawrence White might kill Robert Sugden!

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Emmerdale actor John Bowe has admitted that when Lawrence White finds out that Robert has been playing him for a fool, he could take deadly revenge.

Emmerdale star John Bowe has revealed to Soaplife that Lawrence is pushed to the edge when he finds out Robert’s been scamming him for months!

What’s the story?

There’s no fool like an old fool, but for a business tycoon, Lawrence White has been plain stupid in his dealings with Robert Sugden. He feels like a right chump when the truth about Robert’s scam comes to light. “It is terribly difficult for him,” actor John Bowe tells Soaplife. “His biggest fear is losing his daughters. This man has been let down his whole life and now he is at rock bottom.” Will Lawrence seek revenge for what Robert has done?

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Soaplife’s interview with John Bowe

Soaplife: How does Lawrence feel about Robert?

John Bowe: “He thinks there is great value in their relationship. Here is this young man he nurtured, brought up in his business and accelerated his rise in Lawrence White Farm Machinery. He admires him. He has a very soft part in his heart for Robert. He sees himself in him – even in his misbehaviour. His feelings for him are genuine.”

SL: Is he worried about Lachlan?

JB: “He is very concerned because he feels responsible for a lot of Lachlan’s behaviour, rightly or wrongly.

SL: What does he think when Rebecca exposes Robert’s scam?

JB: “Well, Seb is missing and Rebecca thinks that Robert has something to do with it. She explains that he has been tricking Lawrence for ages and he doesn’t want to believe it. It is a huge shock.”

SL: What does Lawrence think when Robert says he is a changed man?

JB: “He wants to believe him, he really does, but he is angry too. Lawrence is a man who has been let down by his country and society. He was locked up for being a homosexual and tortured in prison. All he has ever wanted is to find love and it is a great tragedy that he has been so deceived by everyone.”

SL: Could he really forgive Robert for what he has done?

JB: “He is torn every which way. He has this desire for love, which has perhaps blinded him to the folly of this bizarre situation with his ex-son-in-law. It could be that his rose tinted glasses and desire to have some emotional value in his life, have clouded his view of reality. I do think he could forgive Robert as he has a very big heart.”

SL: Might he also be angry enough to kill Robert?

JB” You’ll have to wait and see!”

SL: Is he humiliated when he has to admit to his daughters that he slept with Robert?

JB: “The worst part of it is seeing how utterly betrayed they both feel by him.”

SL: Do you feel sorry for Lawrence?

JB: “I really do. Manipulation and deception have ruined his life. He has been beaten consistently throughout his entire life.”

SL: Have you stayed in touch with John McArdle who played Ronnie?

JB: “I have. We’ve kept in touch and we’re hoping to get together before Christmas to have a glass of something damned fine.”

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