Lydia Hart is terrified she has cancer in Emmerdale reveals Karen Blick!

Lydia Hart, Emmerdale

Emmerdale actress Karen Blick says Lydia Hart feels Sam Dingle has been through too much to burden him with her cancer fears sparked by a fall…

When Sam Dingle tells his boy Samson that he helped his terminally ill mum Alice to die, the lad reacts badly and accidentally pushes Lydia Hart down the stairs. As she is being examined, the doctor finds a suspicious mole on Lydia’s leg but, terrified that it might be malignant, she keeps it to herself.

What’s the story?

‘It’s the anniversary of Alice’s death,’ actress Karen Blick tells Soaplife. ‘Lydia sees the impact her loss has had on Sam and Samson and doesn’t want to put them through that again.’ Is Lydia going to be okay?

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Emmerdale star Karen Blick’s interview with Soaplife about Lydia Hart’s fear that she has a cancerous mole…

Soaplife: How does Lydia react when Sam confesses that he helped Alice to die?

Karen Blick: “She is sympathetic because she can see how vulnerable Sam is and how upset it makes him. She understands that he did the right thing and that it was what Alice wanted.”

S: Does she think he is right to tell Samson the truth about what happened?

KB: “Yes, Lydia encourages him to be open and honest with Samson and tell him everything. She instigates it, but there is a big reaction from Samson when he hears the truth. He flees.”

S: Why does Samson push Lydia down the stairs?

KB: “Lydia finds Samson at home and tries to calm him down and explain why Sam did what he did. Samson doesn’t want to hear it and runs upstairs. Lydia tries to stop him and he says ‘Get off me’ and accidentally flings her down the stairs as he lashes out.”

S: What happens when they are at the hospital?

KB: “Lydia has injured her leg and ankle and while the doctor is examining her, she finds a suspicious looking mole and refers her to a specialist. Lydia keeps it to herself and tries to underplay it, but there is also that realisation of her own mortality.”


Lydia Hart, Sam Dingle, Emmerdale

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S: What happens when she is discharged?

KB: “Lydia becomes distant because she thinks that in order to protect Sam and Samson, she needs to remove herself from them. Samson thinks it is because of him, but it isn’t because she understands that her fall was an accident.”

S: Will she tell Sam the truth?

KB: “Yes, eventually it comes out. Lydia is worried and Sam can see something’s not right. But having seen Sam’s emotional response to Alice and how she suffered, Lydia feels there is no way he is strong enough to go through that again. She thinks it would be better all round if she leaves.”

S: Is there any history of cancer in Lydia’s family?

KB: “Not that we know of, but she has a good old Google, like you do. When she goes to the doctor she starts talking about certain procedures and he is wondering where she got all her information from.”

S: What is your take on this storyline?

KB: “It is nice to see the other side of Lydia, the depth of her. We’re not all one set of behaviours are we?”

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