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Paddy whacked by Chas in Emmerdale! Dominic Brunt explains why…

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Paddy gets himself in a painful mess when he tries to play the dating game again, as Emmerdale’s Dominic Brunt tells Soaplife

Paddy’s divorce is final, he still loves Rhona, but Paddy needs to move on and Chas proves the perfect port in the storm. “Paddy has always had a soft spot for Chas,” Dominic Brunt tells Soaplife. “But Marlon [Mark Charnock] says he is punching above his weight.” She’s not the only woman Paddy has his eye on, though…

Why has Paddy latched onto Chas? “He has been on his own for a while and wants to get out there dating. He is crestfallen that his divorce to Rhona [Zoe Henry] has come through and wants to start living a bit.”

So who’s Lydia? “She is the first single woman who comes into the vet’s, so Paddy asks her out. It doesn’t go very well because she is unhinged. She never stops talking and suggests they go to a lawnmower museum.”

How does he get away from her? “Rhona saves him. She runs in and slaps Paddy, saying that she is his wife. Lydia then reacts by giving him a slap. He gets slapped by Chas, too, who pretends to be his mistress for Lydia’s benefit.”

Is there any mileage in Paddy and Chas? “I think it is a mutual rebound thing. They are both single and they want to spend time together. They can skip all the difficult stuff and hang out. It’s great for me, as I love working with Lucy [Pargeter, who plays Chas]. I think she is one of the best things about Emmerdale. She is a dream to work with.”

Is Paddy ready for love? “No, he still loves Rhona. He never stopped loving her and it really rankles him that Pierce [Jonathan Wrather] is on the scene. But, personally, I enjoy Paddy having a nemesis.”

What advice would you give Paddy? “I would tell him to stop being so wet. He is such a buffoon. He was an idiot to have that affair with Tess. He was the last person I would expect to do a thing like that. I was cynical about the story at first, but it was so fantastic to play and the writing was brilliant. Other great stories came out of it and they are still tumbling forward.”

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