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Robert’s engaged to Aaron but Rebecca still wants him, reveals Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley

emmerdale, robert sugden
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Rebecca White can’t keep her hands off newly engaged Robert Sugden in Emmerdale – and that could mean the end of Robron, Ryan Hawley tells What's On TV...

Rebecca White seems fixated with her ex brother-in-law, Robert Sugden, and threatens to ruin everything for him and Aaron Dingle when she kisses him at the Woolpack. Ryan Hawley tells What's On TV what happens...

Is Robert happy to be engaged to Aaron? “Yes. He is happy and proud to be part of a couple with Aaron [Danny Miller]. They are engaged to be married and life couldn’t be better.”

 And how does he feel about Rebecca? “He is a bit concerned because they have a history and she keeps asking him for favours. Aaron sees them together and feels very jealous, but Robert swears there is nothing going on between them.”

 What is Robert’s main aim now regarding the Whites? “His goal is to get Andy’s name cleared so that Lachlan [Thomas Atkinson] is held accountable for the shooting of Lawrence [John Bowe]. That has been Robert’s goal since he found out.”

 So how does he end up kissing Rebecca again? “She kisses him in the back room at The Woolpack and Diane [Elizabeth Estensen] walks in, but he doesn’t know what she’s witnessed and he’s worried that she might tell Aaron. That could wreck their relationship.”

emmerdale, robert sugden, ryan hawley

Will Rebecca's kiss flip hetero-flexible Robert? (Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

 Can Robert cope with Rebecca’s affections? “I think he may be out of his depth. There’s too much going on, even for Robert. With Rebecca [Emily Head], he has made himself a bit more exposed than he would like.”

 Could she tempt him? “I can’t comment on that. You never know with Robert. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

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