Uh-oh! 'Katie knows Robert’s having an affair,' reveals Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley

Katie thinks she has Robert right where she wants him, Emmerdale's Ryan Hawley tells Soaplife... But she's making a big mistake!

The affair between Robert Sugden and Aaron Livesey is getting steamier by the minute, but the two-timer is sent into a panic when Katie steals his phone and sees he is flirting with someone called 'A'. "Robert is furious that Katie would go that far. But when he realises that Katie thinks he is seeing Alicia, he uses it to his advantage," says Ryan...

What are Robert's feelings for Aaron?

"In Aaron [Danny Miller], Robert sees someone he can be himself with. He finds him very attractive and the relationship is exciting. But Robert doesn't really care for people he sees as peripheral to his universe - he doesn't see their emotions as being important to him."

Why is Katie out to get Robert?

"It's all to do with the messages Robert had inscribed on the inside of Andy and Katie's wedding rings  - 'village idiot' and 'village bike'. Katie told him he'd pay for that."

So she plans to tell his fiancée Chrissie he's having an affair?

"Katie [Sammy Winward] sees these flirtatious messages to 'A' and when she sees Robert chatting to Alicia [Natalie Anderson], she jumps to the wrong conclusion. As soon as Robert realises that Katie thinks he is having an affair with Alicia, he runs with it. He decides to make Katie think he is seeing Alicia so that he can absolutely humiliate her when the time is right."

What are Robert's feelings towards Chrissie?

"He genuinely cares about Chrissie [Louise Marwood] and I imagine that when they first met, he found someone he was excited by who was smart and sophisticated - many of the things he probably hasn't seen in a woman before. He wouldn't want to hurt her and if the truth about Aaron were to come out, he would be upset purely for how it would make Chrissie feel."

He has a lot to lose, too, if it comes out, hasn't he?

"Yes, there is no way he wants to throw away his position at Home Farm. That's his trophy. It would be disastrous if people found out about Aaron. It would shatter Robert's world. At the moment, though, he thinks he can have this affair and Chrissie doesn't have to know about it."

Will Robert marry Chrissie while seeing Aaron?

"That is a bit of a dilemma and it is not clear what his final choice will be. We will have to see how it pans out."

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