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Has arsonist Kerry killed Zak Dingle?!

A raging Kerry takes revenge on Cain, but unwittingly puts Zak's life in danger in Emmerdale!

Kerry and Cain have a bitter row when Cain refuses to let her have access to her grandson, Kyle, in Emmerdale.

The raging  mum is livid when he tells her she's too untrustworthy and unreliable to spend time with the little tot. She storms off the the Woolpack to offload to Charity, who immediately spots an opportunity to stir up yet more trouble.

Sneaky Charity spikes Kerry's drinks and as she gets increasingly worked up and drunk, Charity suggests she should go and trash Cain's caravan where he's been living.

Fired-up and sozzled, Kerry stomps off to the van where she goes one step further and sets it alight unaware Zak has been sleeping there. Eek! Is a trapped Zak about to go up in flames....


A furious Kerry prepares to do her worst on Cain's caravan....

After having a heated run in with Cain over access to Kyle, Kerry storms off to The Woolpack.

As she offloads, Charity seizes the opportunity to stir up trouble for her ex and spikes Kerry's drinks before encouraging her to trash Cain's caravan.

A drunk Kerry stomps off to the van but when she finds the door locked she decides if she can't trash the inside, she'll trash the outside!

She decides to set fire to the tatty old van but is unaware Zak, who's dosed up on cough medicine and knocked-out, has been kipping there.

Lisa's terrified when she hears what Kerry's done and races to the van to try and put out the flames.

Meanwhile Cain turns fire-fighter and launches himself into the billowing smoke. Is Zak inside and if so can anyone get to him in time?

Meanwhile Kerry manages to get some time alone with Kyle. She takes him for a walk through the fields but she suddenly feels terribly unwell.

A panicked Kerry, who suffers from diabetes, realises she's about to collapse.

With her blood sugar levels dangerously low, she clings onto the footbridge before slumping to the ground and collapsing. Will she be ok and what about little Kyle?

Meanwhile Dan goes off to see Cain and has a go at him for refusing Kerry access to her grandson.

But tempers soon flare.

No one tells Cain what he can and can't do! The angry mechanic lashes out with a punch...

Dan is felled by Cain's wallop.

However he's unaware someone has just witnessed the whole violent bust up....his son Kyle! He may not think Kerry's fit to be a grandmother, but is Cain fit to be a dad? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday, January 2