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A hot date for Zosia?

Although they’ve agreed to call a truce, Oliver and Zosia are still locking horns, especially when patient Elaine is admitted. Elaine has a heart valve problem and Ollie wants to operate straight away, but Zosia suspects Elaine has mental health issues and, with her own experience of mental illness, she wants Elaine to have a psychiatric assessment first. Zosia thinks she can be the one to help Elaine, so she’s furious when she discovers that Ollie's gone over her head and called in Duty Psychiatrist, Seb Coulter, to talk to Elaine. But it soon becomes clear that Elaine isn’t the only person Seb's interested in when he asks Zosia out on a date.

Zosia spurns his advances – but is she intrigued by the handsome newcomer?

Meanwhile, nurse Fletch treats a patient, Mr Nettles, who’s confused and seems to have been separated from his wife and children. The man keeps mentioning a boy and Fletch eventually tracks the youngster down in the hospital’s store cupboard, where Fletch and porter Clifford have stashed their bootleg whiskey.

When deputy CEO Serena steps in to help the injured boy, it looks like Fletch’s illicit money-making activities are about to be exposed. Later, with Fletch still heavily in debt, Clifford tells him about the ‘victimless crime’ of stealing pharmaceutical drugs from a delivery van. At first, Fletch doesn’t seem interested – but it looks like he just might take a look at the details…

Also, Jesse is troubled by Guy’s risk-taking in a high-profile surgical procedure. He quashes his doubts to reap the benefits but at what cost to his and Guy’s friendship?

Victoria Wilson
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