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Aaron becomes suicidal in prison

Cain is left deeply worried when he visits Aaron in the remand centre. His nephew is a broken man and hints that he’s considering suicide. And things are about to get worse when he’s charged. When Chas hears the news about her banged-up son she breaks down. Already freaked out that someone seems to be targeting her, and paranoid that the real culprit of Robert’s shooting is out there and has it in for her, Chas can barely cope. Cain decides it’s up to him to save his desperate family.

Waiting in the cafe for Bernice, Lawrence is gutted when she fails to show. He’d be even more hurt if he knew she was with Andy, asking him if he could ever fall in love with her!

When Finn notices his mum has hurt her hand he jumps to conclusions and accuses Emma of smashing up the Woolpack to get back at Chas.

Diane is nervous as the medical team are preparing to bring Robert out of his induced coma. Warring newlyweds Adam and Victoria are given something to think about when Diane warns them family is the most important thing.