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Aaron reports his dad to the police!

Having come this far and finally told Chas that Gordon abused him when he was a child, Aaron must take the last step and report his dad to the police. Bracing himself, Aaron delivers his allegations to the detectives who aren’t sure how they are going to prove the abuse. Will Gordon be able to talk his way out of it?

Meanwhile, back at home, Cain tells the rest of the family what has happened to poor Aaron, who, in a moment alone, tears up a photo of himself which he stole from his dad’s place.

Vanessa can’t stop being sick and asks Kirin to call a doctor. She’s feeling dreadful and soon learns she’s got the norovirus. When the doctor insists she spend two days away from her baby son, will already struggling Kirin be able to cope with constantly-crying Johnny?

Unaware that Carly has put her foot in it with Nikhil, making him even more paranoid about Leyla’s feelings for Jai, Leyla is hoping for a passionate evening with her man. But all Nik seems to want to talk about is her past with his brother.