Amy gives birth!

Now 32 weeks' pregnant, Amy knows she has to plan for the baby's arrival, so she asks estranged husband Raf to be her birthing partner. But she gets a shock when he responds by asking for a divorce! But she doesn't have time to dwell on things as, not long afterwards, Amy throws up - and it's Harry of all people who takes her to see obstetrician Mr Thompson. Amy's worried when he diagnoses high blood pressure - and stunned when he then confirms she's in labour!

With Amy's blood pressure rising and the baby becoming distressed, Mr T says she needs a Caesarean. Although Raf and Harry don't know which of them is the baby's father, when they hear Amy's in labour, they both make sure they're by her side as a healthy baby boy arrives. As an overwhelmed Harry leaves, Amy develops complications but urges Raf to go and watch over the baby. Initially reluctant, Raf manages to bond with the newborn, believing it could be his son.

Later, Raf visits a sleeping Amy and talks fondly about the baby and admits he suggested a divorce because he can't forgive himself for the problems in their marriage. Little does he know, Amy's heard it all...

Meanwhile, with LA within his grasp, Dominic's all set to impress Fleur. But when Zosia brings an 'old friend' onto the ward, a scheming Dom is determined that no one will ruin his chances.

Also, as she struggles with her feelings for Jesse, Mo believes her search for her perfect man may be over. But has she found the right one?

Victoria Wilson
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