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Andy gets his exam results

Andy has passed his practice gym exam, so Denny suggests they have a family dinner to celebrate. Oscar asks if Ash will join them but, when Denny says he’s out of town, Phoebe becomes even more suspicious. Meanwhile, Andy hires Oscar, but Hannah is livid he didn’t discuss it with her first.

Leah and Nate take Matt to counselling for his drinking problem. Meanwhile, VJ and Zac talk about Matt when Leah overhears and interrupts their conversation. Later, Leah asks if anything else happened while she was in her coma, but Zac says nothing. Leah asks Matt, who sings Zac’s praises.

Matt confides in Phoebe that a counsellor won't help him with his problems and decides to enter rehab. As Matt leaves, Zac decides to confess to Leah, but she stops him by revealing what Nate had said. Meanwhile, Zac confesses to Phoebe he's hiding something from Leah.

Kyle won’t return any of Phoebe’s calls and as Kat keeps piling on the pressure to know the details about Kyle, Phoebe continues to play dumb.

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