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Anthony makes an impression on Zara

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Heston asks Anthony if he could be in the partners meeting but Anthony tells him to pop his ideas in an email. At the partners meeting, Anthony proposes they take on some health checks for HGV drivers and Zara suggests they register as a yellow fever clinic for profit. Later, Heston's annoyed when Zara declares Anthony has some radical changes in mind and that he is exactly what The Mill needs.

Karen is startled when Philip slams his typewriter on the reception desk, demanding someone fix it. Karen discovers the surgery was once the university English department and Philip was a former professor. Sid confirms Philip appears to have dementia and Karen kindly suggests his son Toby needs to get his father condition assessed again.

Also, Niamh confides in Al that it makes her sad her father hasn't forgiven her yet. Al tries to comfort her but she snaps at him. Later, she apologises and the pair make friends as she explains how she is all over the place emotionally.