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Are Andy and Hannah back on?

Andy and Hannah awkwardly say goodbye after their moment of passion and it's clear that there is no spark left. Hannah feels even worse, because she realises that Chris might have been the one.

Skye tells Oscar that Jett broke up with her, but she’s scared to tell John, as she believes he'll kick her out. But John knows all about the break-up and tells Skye her home is with him. Yet the two are caught off-guard when John receives a phone call to say Marilyn has been involved in an accident.

Roo and Maddy move into their new flat, but are annoyed when Matt admits he's skint and wants to decorate the flat with his skateboard "art." Later, Roo walks in on Maddy and Matt kissing, but as Matt scrambles to put a shirt on, Roo doesn't bat an eyelid. Their living arrangements come to a head, however, when Matt walks in on Roo naked!

Also, Leah returns home to find a distraught Evelyn who has found a lump in her breast…