Arthur must claim the Cup of Life

Arthur must claim the Cup of Life
Arthur must claim the Cup of Life (Image credit: Shine)

King Uther and Prince Arthur managed to survive the legendary Camelot tournament, despite the magic at work in Gilli, but will they both still be standing at the end of this two-part finale? Not if Morgana and Morgause have their wicked witchy way… In part one of the two-part action-packed drama, Arthur finds himself on another dangerous mission outside of his beloved Camelot… With Merlin right behind him, Arthur sets off to capture the Cup of Life, which is exactly what it says on the tin: a powerful artefact that offers immortality to those who drink from it (very Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – but without Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, the Nazis or tanks). They succeed in their mission to retrieve the Cup but they don’t ride triumphantly back to Camelot… Arthur and Merlin’s return is interrupted by unscrupulous slave trader Jarl (Ralph Ineson – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Waterloo Road), who captures them… Gwain rides to their rescue (again) but Jarl keeps his hands on the magical Cup, which he passes on to Morgause. She quickly abuses the Cup’s powers to create an army of immortal fighters and, together with Morgana, she removes Uther from the throne… If ever Merlin’s magic were needed it is now – but he’s not even in Camelot.

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