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It's over… Belle finds out Lachlan slept with a prostitute!

Aaron Dingle, Belle Dingle, Lachlan White

Aaron tells Belle her boyfriend Lachlan slept with a prostitute which leads to the couple splitting up

Having got wind of Lachlan's bad behaviour, Aaron storms off and tells Belle. She reels as she learns her boyfriend has almost harmed his baby cousin Seb, and that he slept with a prostitute on his birthday! Suffice to say, their relationship is over. Later, Lachlan leaves Belle a voicemail saying 'goodbye' before picking up an electric drill, clearly intending to use it… What's he planning to do?

Cain looks after his baby son Isaac for the day. His ex-wife Moira's relieved to have some space from their newborn child but Cain's on edge and snaps when Harriet voices her concern.

Wanting to spend time with her kids, Debbie turns down a lunch date with her richo boyfriend Tom, who's not happy about being side-lined.