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Ben's in big trouble with Phil!

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Phil continues with his plot to get the Arches back into Mitchell hands, causing a concerned Carol to beg Max to end his feud with Phil. When Max tells a furious Phil there's no way he's returning the Arches, Max also lets slip that Ben signed the business over. Livid, Phil storms home, dragging Ben out of the house and forcing him into the car...

Stan's stay at home is all too brief when he takes a turn for the worse and is rushed back to hospital. With Stan's life in the balance, Shirley and Mick are forced closer together. Meanwhile, Cora struggles with having to go through losing a partner to cancer for a second time.

Kat's mission to self-destruct reaches worrying levels following her discovery about Harry's money. Pushing the family away, Kat's only ally is Stacey, who tries to support her, despite Kat's attempts to resist.

Also, Cindy tells Ian and Jane it's her or Beth after Ian tries to put his foot down about the baby's future.