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Bernadette moves in for a kiss with a shocked Shakil!

EastEnders - Bernadette Shakil
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Still hurting over losing her baby and feeling rejected by Callum, Bernadette makes a move on Shakil with no warning and he’s left shocked.

Bernadette tries to arrange meeting up with Callum when she knows that Karen will be out of the house. When Callum refuses to see her, Bernadette is upset. Shakil comes over to spend time with Keegan and is stunned when a dejected Bernadette moves in for a kiss while Keegan is out of the room – and then Keegan walks in on them!

Stacey is furious after hearing Martin tell Michelle he’s concerned about her having a baby. After Martin’s attempt to explain, matters get even worse when Martin angers Stacey by asking Kush for more financial help with Arthur if he needs it. A furious Stacey tells Martin to get out, implying he doesn’t want a baby. Can he talk her round?

Sharon is in a mood as she thinks that Phil has forgotten their wedding anniversary. Trying to brush it off, she instead helps Michelle set up a date on the dating app. Michelle heads off for her date but is secretly followed by Tom...

Also, Dot’s annoyed when Joyce and Kim muscle in on the Harvest Festival meeting with the vicar. Keanu helps Ingrid fix her washing machine. Ben has a date.