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Bernice gets tied up – and burgled – by her date!

*First episode*

A quiet night in at Mill Cottage ends up a horror story for Bernice. As Anton leads her to the bedroom, the barmaid is hoping for passion, but ends up being tied to the bed and then abandoned as her date goes on to ransack the house! Having been told to clear off for the evening, Jimmy and Nicola are horrified when they return to find Bernice and their home in a state.

It’s the morning-after-the-night-before for Pollard, who’s relieved when Diane tells him it was a mistake. As the pair share an awkward, hungover goodbye, back at the B&B, Val is packing. When Victoria finds Val on the verge of leaving, she races over to tell Diane to stop her sister from leaving. Desperate, Victoria can’t stop herself from telling Diane about Val’s HIV worries, which send the landlady reeling.

In the cafe, Ruby spends her shift sneakily changing the angle on Bob’s CCTV camera. She’s determined to catch the real culprit. And she does just that when she and Ali later watch the footage.