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Bethany tells DC Leigh the horrible truth about Neil (VIDEO)

Bethany in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Bethany bares her soul to the police in the hope of catching Neil in Coronation Street

At Craig’s insistence, Bethany phones the police to report Neil. Awash with shame Bethany tells DC Leigh how Nathan cajoled her into having sex with Neil. In the police station, DC Leigh tells Neil that the Chief Inspector wants to see him. Knowing the game is up, Neil shoots a look at Craig. Later, DC Leigh assures Bethany and Sarah that she’s confident they have enough evidence to bring charges.

Izzy confronts Aidan demanding to know why Eva’s been promoted. When Aidan reveals that Eva’s pregnant and has been promoted on medical grounds, Izzy and Sean apologise.

As Toyah and Peter prepare the Rovers for Liz’s farewell party, Toyah confides in Leanne that she’s hopeful she may be pregnant. Toyah gives Eva a congratulatory hug, while Eva’s awash with guilt. Watch this clip from the episode:

Phelan does the DNA test and hands the swab to Nicola. Michelle chucks the recorded letter addressed to Leanne in the bin. Will Alya tell Luke she fancies him?

Ellen Markwardt
Ellen Markwardt

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