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Bex plans her big night with Shakil!

EastEnders Bex Fowler
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Will the teens Bex and Shakil get found out before they take things further in EastEnders?

Shakil and Bex prepare to sleep together, with Shakil finding an excuse to get out of a family dinner. Realising his brother is up to something, Kush does some digging and discovers Shakil and Bex’s plans. Will Shakil listen to his big bruv’s advice?

Jane is aware that Lucy and Peter’s birthday is going to be hard for Ian. Doing her best to distract him, Jane is frustrated when Lauren mentions Peter in front of Ian, wondering whether to contact him. Ian snaps, causing Lauren to make a quick exit. Left alone with Jane, Ian and Jane have a heart-to-heart.

Patrick insists on going to Dot’s eye specialist with her, despite her resolve to be independent. At the appointment, Dot feels Patrick is being too pushy when he tells her she needs to start her treatment straight away. Later, Dot makes it clear to Patrick that it will be her decision.