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Billy threatens Jack when he visits him in prison

Hollyoaks Jack and Billy

Jack Osborne visits Billy in prison, but he panics when Billy threatens to expose his secret...

With Esther growing suspicious of Jack, he visits Billy in prison but is alarmed to find out someone has been watching the house. As Billy threatens to expose who Jack really is to his family, Jack confesses to Esther that he’s in big trouble with Billy – his brother!

Meanwhile, Ste’s gutted that his kids Leah and Lucas can’t attend the launch of his new business because Amy and Ryan are hosting a house-warming party. He presents Amy with an access plan for the kids but is heartbroken when Leah tells him she likes having a ‘normal’ family with Ryan and Amy. Harry later surprises Ste with a visit from Leah and Lucas but it turns out he’s being bribed by Leah for sweets and pocket money.

To maintain her lie, Myra tells Jesse that Celine and Diego were having an affair, which Celine is forced to confirm. Juanita leaves, pleased with Diego’s choice of wife, and tells Celine she’ll be back for the hen do…

Also, Lisa’s out of control and, when Louis’s efforts to calm her down fail, Frankie offers to help Simone rein her in.