Bob's arrested and thrown in jail!

After talking to a journalist about recent events in the village, Bob's the subject of a newspaper article, but it doesn't exactly put him in a favourable light and the negative tone of the piece leaves Brenda absolutely fuming.


Bob's day goes from bad to worse when he loses his temper and gets into an altercation which leads to him being arrested. But it's not the fighting that he's being arrested for. He's currently out on bail for committing bank fraud, so it's the fact he's broken the conditions of his bail that he's in trouble for! Uh oh! Things don't look good for poor Bob because it could mean getting banged up in prison for a very, very long time.


Over in the Barton camp, Finn’s relieved to hear Pete and Debbie have put her affair with Ross behind them, but notices that his brother’s agitation whenever Ross is mentioned. Later, Finn finds himself being blamed for Ross’s disappearance by Pete. Could it be payback for Finn keeping schtum about Ross and Debbie’s affair?