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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad – ITV

Bradley and Barney Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

Bradley Walsh and his son Barney embark on another road trip across America together in Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad on ITV

Bradley Walsh and son Barney (pictured above) are back on the road in a trusty (but hard to manoeuvre!) RV as they embark on a second trip through America in Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad on ITV.

They set off in the Florida Keys, where Bradley’s keen to visit Sloppy Joe’s, a haunt of his idol Ernest Hemingway.

Then Barney takes over and it’s all hydro-flight waterjet boarding and shark-cage diving!

The joy of this series is the bond between father and son, which is a delight to see. 

BraBradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

Bradley’s attempts at hydro-flight waterjet boarding fall a bit flat on Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad on ITV

Here, Bradley, 59, and Barney, 22, chat about holiday memories and travel companions…

What are you earliest holiday memories?

Bradley: Going to Butlin’s at Clacton with my nan and grandad.

I learnt to play snooker, had ice-cream floats and watched all the shows – that got me interested in the business.

Barney: Standing on a bridge in Tenerife with my grandad, fishing snails out of the river.

I also had fun in Norfolk, where my uncle lives.

Who is your dream holiday companion?

Barney: Dad, because we’ve had amazing times.

I get Instagram messages from kids saying, ‘I wish I could take my dad there.’

Bradley: Yes, we’ve had so much fun.

I love being with Barney!

What's been your worst holiday disaster?

Barney: We were paddleboarding, Dad fell in and lost his sunglasses.

I wanted to look for them and Dad said, ‘There’s no way you’ll find them.’

But a boat took me out and I found them!

Bradley: I said if he got them back, I’d give him some ludicrous amount of money.

So I was having a moan to my wife [former dancer Donna] and he sprinted over with my glasses on!

He said, ‘Dad, you owe me 50 grand.’

I replied, ‘Throw them back!’

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TV Times rating: ****