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Brax prepares for Casey's funeral

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Brax returns to the Bay with the news that Heath won't be attending the funeral, while Phoebe discovers Ricky hasn't told Brax about her pregnancy. Pushing everyone away Brax turns to alcohol and surfing. Cheryl is also struggling and blames Brax for not looking after Casey. With the funeral arrangements made, the day of Casey's burial arrives. The entire Braxton clan, dressed in black, gather outside as the hearse arrives.

Josh needs the support of Andy at Casey's funeral but he refuses to intrude after the part he played in Casey's murder. Josh is also feeling guilty for sleeping with Maddy, especially after Evelyn says she is more than happy for him to start building a friendship with her.

When Maddy turns up at the Braxtons to declare her love for Josh, he throws her out. On the morning of the funeral, Brax asks Andy to help carry Casey's coffin. Andy agrees and Josh is relieved to have his older brother by his side.