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Cain puts Pete in his place

Pete wanted Moira, but she didn’t want him. Instead, she told Cain that Pete had kissed her and then had to run after him when he took off to find Pete in a dark fury. Well, what did she expect? Cain found Pete in the pub and Moira couldn’t stop him as he put Pete in his place in front of his brother. Ross laughed, but Finn was worried… Pete was humiliated and defeated and Finn was worried about what his brother might do next.

Lisa’s been low since Zak chose Joanie over her so Chas decided to take her out for a few drinks… But that led to Lisa getting drunk, flirting with a bloke from the factory and then getting stressed and collapsing with an angina attack.

Priya was stressed out because no one could understand why she covered up for Rakesh after she found out he had changed the DNA test results. Unable to cope, Priya told Rakesh she was moving out because she needed time to herself to think things through.