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Cal’s in pieces when Matilda's rushed to hospital

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Since baby Matilda was dumped on Cal by his jailbird ex, Taylor, he’s become an utterly devoted dad. This week, however, the smitten medic’s newfound sense of responsibility is tested when he notices Matilda’s running a dangerously high temperature.

Cal’s terrified and rushes Matilda to the hospital where his colleagues, including brother Ethan, run urgent tests. But when Matilda’s condition worsens Cal begins to crack under the pressure of caring for a sick baby…

When Matilda starts fitting, Ethan is forced to remove an emotional Cal from Resus, so the team can concentrate on saving her life! Cal returns to her side shortly afterwards but, as the reality of how dangerously ill Matilda is dawns on Cal, he walks out of the ED in a state of distress.

Cal momentarily reverts to his old ways and abandons Matilda, as her life hangs in the balance. But when Charlie follows a tearful Cal to his car, the two have a heart-to-heart that results in Cal returning to the hospital, determined to take care of the baby girl he’s come to love.

But another bombshell lies in store when Cal finally opens his post. The paternity results are back and reveal Cal’s not Matilda’s father!

Also this week, Zoe has taken off her wedding ring, sending a clear signal to estranged husband Max.

Louise publically accuses Lily of bullying when Zoe announces Alicia has suddenly departed her position at the hospital. Meanwhile, Lily receives a posthumous email from her father saying he’s proud of her.

The grieving medic begins to understand the error of her ways, however, when only friend, Ethan, lambasts her for her treatment of Alicia…

Elsewhere, Dixie suspects HART hero Jess is the victim of domestic abuse. Iain thinks the paramedic’s judgement is clouded by her romantic feelings for Jess, coupled with her recent rejection from the adoption board.

And Lofty gives Jacob the cold shoulder until he publically apologises for his bad behaviour!

Elaine Reilly
Elaine Reilly

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