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Cal’s mother of all Christmases!

(Image credit: BBC PICTURES)

Cal thinks all his Christmases have come at once when Charlie reveals he’s pulled in a favour and found out where Cal’s birth mum is. Excited to get answers to his questions, Cal pays a visit to his real mum, Emilie Groom. But the junior medic’s left reeling when he discovers Emilie has a serious illness… and it could be hereditary!

The silver lining, however, is Cal discovers Ethan’s his real brother. But Cal is unable to tell Ethan they’re both adopted and there’s a 50/50 chance they have inherited Huntington’s disease.  Unable to face reality, Cal runs off and hits the bottle instead.

Elsewhere, Dixie faces disciplinary action for accusing Jess’s partner of physical abuse. Despite Iain begging her to limit the damage, the paramedic sticks to her guns and refuses to apologise. Instead she calls Jess and tells her she’s worried about her and daughter Olivia.

Iain accidentally sends a sexy text to Robyn instead of Rita. Soon Robyn twigs Rita and Iain are secretly seeing each other. But can gossipy Robyn keep it to herself?

Jacob cancels his festive plans to be with Connie!

Comedian Sean Hughes guest stars as a grumpy, drunk who hates the season-of-goodwill, for tragic reasons.