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Callum kidnaps David!

Callum’s stunned to find Andy in his car and frogmarches him into the pub, demanding answers. Suddenly David bursts in, admitting that he ordered Andy to plant drugs with the intention of then reporting Callum to the police. As an angry Callum vows to teach him a lesson, David does a runner. Andy arrives at his birthday party, explaining to Gail and Steph how David’s in trouble. As David runs down a darkened street, he’s suddenly pounced upon by Gemma, Callum and Macca.

Having been given the all-clear by the doctor, Jenny takes Jack home and asks him not to mention it to Kevin. Clocking them, Tyrone wonders why Jack was at the doctors and Kevin’s bemused.

As Sean comforts Billy, he confesses to Sean that he’s falling in love with him.

Roy and Sharif find some common ground with Cathy as they work alongside each other at the allotment.